Campau multifunctional space in an seventeenth century farmhouse, was honored at the Fourth Biennial of Architecture ‘Alejandro de la Sota’

    These awards, called by the collegial body itself, are intended to distinguish the most significant works of finished between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2004, in the area of Tarragona, more specifically, the regions of Costa Dorada, the Conca de Barbera and Tarragonés, besides disclosing the relevant architecture made ​​in these regions.

    The jury of architects Moses Gallego, and Ignacio Alfredo Payà Rubiño granted, as mentioned, a special mention of Campau multifunctional space, in the form of Interior, intervention works indoors. The jury noted that managers understand and made Campau reform work space inside an exercise in applying for all the intensity of the assignment, project out with dry materials respecting the structure and form of that which is understood as existing worth preserving.

    La Countryhouse of Sant Jaume dels Domenys date from seventeenth century and restored outbuildings part of these spaces to offer various services and activities for both companies and individuals. The functionality space of Sant Jaume has been renovated from a draft submitted by the architect Diego Ruiz Calzado.


    Every corner of the house has worked to detail. From the old winery that has earned him mention in the Architecture Biennale, the Courtyard Arches or gardens. The family lived for centuries in the farmhouse has reserved the upper units and the lower floors are for meetings, groups and conventions.

    In Campau also now working to rehabilitate the old kitchen of the farmhouse and new wineries that still conserve the wine barrels. <About creating spaces that allow nice meetings>. Inside renovations are trying to conserve the original stone and wooden ceilings.

    The house does not have room service, but is related to style hotels in the area and also historical buildings have been recovered. As explained, not ruled enable some old units of the farm animals as singles. Always, however, the concept of meetings, conventions or presentations like those that are prepared in late model vehicles.